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Throwing Out Old Furniture

…that weighs as much as ten men. I called this company and they were a massive help. I don’t know if I could have done it without them. We needed 7, yes 7 skips in the end. We had soooo much stuff to throw out – carpets, curtains, huge old sofas, tables, chairs etc and a gazillion other things. 

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So I have Ignored This Blog For a While!

So I haven’t been very kind to this blog – when I first made it I thought “whopeeeeee”, I have somewhere to arrange all my thoughts and dreams and I’m going to definitely use it and write in it each and every day!

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Happy Promotional Day

Wooooohoooo – SO today I walked into work (it’s Saturday so that’s a full day of course)and I hadn’t even been there for more than literally 10 mins and my supervisor came up to me and told me some AMAZING news!

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Weird Comments

Hmm, I’m already getting some super odd comments on this blog that I just noticed – it’s only been up for what… 3/4 days?! I don’t understand what the comments seem to be about though… They look like junk. Err – essentially, if you’re reading this and thinking of posting a weird comment like the ones I’ve just read DON’T.

What Do I Do?

I think that when in 10 years time I’m in my thirties, I will definitely look back at this blog and smile. I know categorically that’ll be the case because that’s how I feel about my livejournal that I made when I was 14.

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First Post Woot!

So this is my very first post – oh, exciting! Hmm, so apart from what I’ve written here about myself, I’m wondering what to write and where to start.

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Massive Thanks to Rich

HUGE MASSIVE GINORMOUS THANKS to my tech savvy mate Rich for helping me to grab this domain. I love you man (in a bro way).


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