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Scott Blagden grew up in Foxborough, Massachusetts (Go Patriots!), the middle child of a five-child Brady Bunch fiasco. He moved to Cape Cod twenty years ago to get on the ocean. He has been writing all his life.

Scott is mostly self-taught, his college career cut short by a practical joke gone bad. During his junior year, his first job as an English department Work Study intern was to type a professor’s syllabus into the computer. As a joke, Scott added an additional deadline date: Last date to submit cash compensation to professor for final grade alteration. The syllabus was not proofread by the staff before being printed and distributed to hundreds of students. Teachers, parents, and the president of the college did not appreciate the humor, and Scott was given the proverbial boot. Since then, he has been self-employed in real estate.

Scott enjoys writing for young adults and is especially interested in exploring the motives and manifestations of troubled teens. His academic interests include philosophy, history, and religion, and those themes infuse his fiction. He enjoys cooking, boating, and being a dad to his teenage twins.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/scott.blagden
Twitter: @scott_blagden