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                Products & Solutions

                  location : Home > Products & Solutions > Plasma Ignition Combustion System

                Basic configuration of plasma ignition system


                Plasma torch—generating high-temperature plasma;

                Plasma burner—combustion chamber and pulverize coal flame nozzle

                Power supply and distribution system and dedicated power supply system—offering DC power to the plasma generator;

                Compressed air unit—offering plasma carrier;

                Cooling water unit—used for the cathode and anode cooling;

                Control unit—realizing background monitoring and DCS foreground control over the whole system;

                Image flame detection unit—offering real-time combustion image of each plasma ignition burner;

                Primary air speed on-line monitoring unit—on-line monitoring of the speed of the primary air and pulverized coal mixture in primary air pipelines;

                Wall temperature monitoring device—on line monitoring of the temperature of the burner wall to avoid damage of burner;

                Cold furnace pulverizing unit—offering the hot air required for cold furnace pulverizing of the direct-fired pulverizing system.


                                                                    Sketch Diagram of plasma ignition system






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