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The rural exodus continues, many Germans continue to move to the cities. In particular, the metropolitan cities are experiencing a large influx, which is not least due to the good job opportunities. However, this development has not left its mark on real estate prices. Home ownership prices have risen dramatically over the past decade.

If you want to buy an apartment or even a house in cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich or Stuttgart today, you should have big savings or a correspondingly high income. For years, prices have only been one direction, which is why residential properties have become unaffordable for a large part of the population.

High real estate prices in the metropolitan cities

High real estate prices in the metropolitan cities

So it is not surprising that a relocation has long since taken place. People are increasingly attracted to the bacon belts of big cities, because real estate prices are still a bit lower there. Real bargains can hardly be done there either, builders and buyers must also dig deep into their pockets.

For private buyers is added that they are in competition with large investors. Several German metropolitan cities are among the most sought after plots for real estate investors in Europe. Although institutional investors are primarily targeting commercial property, the housing market has also attracted the attention of professionals in recent years.

However, Spiegel Online writes with reference to a recent study, professional investors have become more cautious. As can be seen from a survey of over 800 real estate professionals, many consider the German market overpriced. This can also be considered as a warning to private builders and buyers: who strikes now, buys at maximum prices.

Some market observers even dare to put terms such as real estate bubble or price bubble in the mouth. In other words, some experts believe it may be possible for prices to fall and objects to become cheaper again. However, this is not the broad opinion of the experts. Many believe prices will not rise any more but they do not expect price drops.

Further increase in rents expected

Further increase in rents expected

In contrast, the development of rental prices is assessed differently. Many experts believe that the end of the price bar has not yet been reached. Accordingly, rental prices could continue to rise in the coming years. The rents have risen considerably recently, even for very small apartments cities such as Munich or Hamburg are called extremely high rents.

Many prospective buyers feel pressured by this circumstance. On the one hand, they shy away from buying homes, on the other hand, rising rents are expected. Accordingly, the pressure can be high, but to decide for the home acquisition.

Object search is crucial

Object search is crucial

Despite the current high real estate prices, the purchase does not have to be bad. On the contrary, it offers the opportunity to permanently escape the rise in rents and thus lay the foundation for more financial security in old age. In addition, it depends primarily on where and under what conditions a home is purchased. Many objects may be expensive, but there are also bargains on the market.

At the same time, the situation on the financing market is still encouraging. Although interest rates have already risen, overall the construction field remains very favorable. Some builders and buyers are even entitled to the new building costs, which can reduce the cost of home buying in addition. If you have questions about financing and funding, we are happy to help.

Benefits of no credit check loans- Click here to find no credit check loans Sat, 20 Apr 2019 07:24:49 +0000

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Do you need a loan for extra money? It is possible to take out a no credit check loan from the website at Ipass.

It is, however, important that you look carefully at the possibilities and choose the most suitable loan in your personal situation. For example, it is often much easier to borrow money from independent lenders on the internet than from regular lenders such as a bank. This is due to the fact that online lenders only provide small loans and want to continue to use favorable conditions. In this article, you will find more information about how to take out a loan if you are temporarily unemployed!

Many lenders, such as banks, often have strict conditions to avoid having to issue many risky loans. The result, however, is that many people can no longer borrow, even if they are small amounts. However, there are also providers who only use the legal conditions for credit, and borrow money so that everyone can keep it accessible. However, it is always important to be well informed about no credit check loans. No credit check loans mean exactly what the name suggests.

Close the checklist for a loan if you are temporarily unemployed

To be able to borrow safely, it is important to carefully read the points below when you choose to take out a loan online. – First of all, it is important to check whether you are dealing with an officially registered lender, by checking the Chamber of Commerce number – It may be useful to view the experiences of others with a specific loan in order to get a realistic picture of the risks – View how much you can borrow (it usually only concerns small amounts) – Calculate in advance whether you can have the borrowed money available again on time If you have checked each of the above points, you will avoid risks and money problems in the future!

For how many euro loans do you take out if you are temporarily unemployed?

It is important to bear in mind that it only concerns small amounts when you borrow via the internet. Exactly how much you can borrow differs per lender, but usually, it is about loans from 50 to about 1000 euro, where you can determine the exact height yourself. It is not necessary to give the reason for borrowing to the lender, so you can easily borrow 200 euros for online purchases or 500 euros to pay overdue loans, for example.

This way you can take out a loan immediately if you are temporarily unemployed

Is it also interesting for you to take out a loan if you are unemployed? Borrowing extra money does not have to be difficult! Simply select a lender online that you like, make sure you are fully aware of all conditions and complete the online application form. In most cases, you will receive a quick message and you can usually expect the money on your bill the same day, without any hassle or paperwork!

Better a personal loan or a pre-purchase amortization? Wed, 13 Mar 2019 13:59:13 +0000

Evaluating personal loans and pre-purchase depreciation is not always easy, given that the convenience of one or the other form will have to be carefully considered on the basis of many specific elements.

Therefore, if you are wondering what is better between one or the other alternative, or maybe you do not understand what pre-purchase depreciation is , you are definitely in the right place.

During the next few lines we will guide you step by step in identifying the best solution for your financial needs, be they small loans or large mortgages, helping you to understand what the above alternatives are. We have briefly introduced you , and what is appropriate for you.

Pre-purchase amortization


In order to better understand which solutions are best suited to you , we can only try to put a small focus on pre-purchase depreciation.

In fact, considering that fast online loans you should have already heard about on several occasions, it is better to focus above all on pre-purchase depreciation , which we will now “reveal” with a small example.

Imagine that your project to be funded is to buy an asset worth 100,000 euros, with a useful life of 3 years.

At the end of these 3 years the market value will presumably grow by 10%, with the result that the value at the end of the period will be 110,000 euros.

If then you suppose to sell the good after 3 years at half price, that is to 50,000 euros, it follows that to be able to buy back the good you will need a fund equal to 110,000 euros less 50,000 euros, or 60,000 euros.

But why did we do these calculations?

Very simply, because 60,000 euros is the amount you should try to share in the 3 years of useful life of the asset, for 20,000 euros per year.

In the case of a lease, the depreciation charge will be given by the leasing fee , increased by an additional amortization if you want to redeem the asset at the end of the contract.

Personal loan

Personal loan

So far, a quick example of pre-purchase depreciation, through which you will probably have understood the main characteristics of this particular form of financing.

The alternative that we want to talk about today is instead the traditional personal loan , which you should already know, given that we have talked about it many times over the past few months in reference to many technical forms such as loans for protested or loan changes .

Going down again in an example context, we assume that you want to buy that specific good that is the object of our example of pre-purchase depreciation, obtaining the entire capital that is necessary to be able to proceed with the purchase transaction, to then estimate how much it would cost you to purchase of a new good of a higher category , and again what would be the time of use of the asset based on the annual use, what would be the value of the asset at the end of its useful life according to average market prices, defining at the end which it would be the depreciation fund and the related quota.

Also in this case, an example will lead to greater clarity that should be placed to avoid confusion and, above all, to allow us to arrive at a situation of confrontation with greater clarity.

We therefore imagine that you want to buy a good for your business worth € 36,000, which you will have to use for 5 years. At the end of this fruition period the asset will have a commercial value of 14,000 euros, and the capital to be reconstituted at the end of the 5 years in order to proceed with a new replacement operation will be equal to the value of a new superior category asset equal to 50,000 euro between 5 years minus € 14,000 of commercial value at the end of the fruition period, for a total of € 36,000, to be divided into 60 monthly installments.

Comparison between pre-purchase depreciation and personal loan


At the end of this brief discussion you will probably be wondering what are the main assessments you should make to understand what is the most tempting and convenient alternative.

In short, is a personal loan better for your situation or is pre-purchase depreciation better ?

The pivot of all the reasoning that should allow you to arrive at the identification of the best option between personal loan or pre-purchase depreciation probably depends on the possibility of obtaining a return on capital, or of being able to invest it by collecting an active interest.

Taking an example, we assume that your credit institution will grant you an interest equal to 1% per annum on the capital that you will deposit in the coffers of the credit institution. If you deposit 10,000 euros, your gross interest will be 100 euros, and for a total of 5 years it will be 500 euros.

Now, if at the same time you are considering to proceed with the purchase through personal loan of the good of your dreams, you will have to try to understand if the interests that you will go to pay for the debt that you will contract with the bank will be greater or smaller in comparison to those active that the bank will give you for the stocks you will invest in it .

In the event that the interest income is greater than the active interest, you will need to borrow with a personal loan and leave your savings in the current account, while in the reverse case where the interest income is less than the passive interest, it would probably be appropriate to opt for a pre-purchase amortization.

But is it really that simple to make these assessments?

Unfortunately for you, it is not so. Apart from the difficulty of being able to identify standard and constant conditions on the part of the bank, as well as being attractive on the front of interest income such as to be able to be compared with the passive ones, it is also true that normally in the repayment of the debt by personal loan it applies a French repayment schedule. But what does it mean?

The French amortization plan envisages that there is a decreasing trend of the interests according to the capital repaid, with the consequence of making the indebtedness more convenient in its last phase, when to be repaid is almost entirely capital.

In light of the foregoing, therefore, in order to establish what is the correct financial element capable of favoring your choice between the personal loan or the pre-purchase depreciation that we have been able to describe in the previous lines, it is probably advisable to make a calculation precise total interest income and expense, and finally estimate how much profit and loss the transaction will amount to.

Personal Loan to Restructure House 2018 Mon, 11 Mar 2019 14:11:01 +0000

Are you looking for a personal loan to renovate your home? 

Of course this type is part of personal financing, choose the most convenient and, above all, advantageous from the fiscal point of view.

I will show you two different forms of financing: the so-called loan restructuring or alternatively access to an ad hoc mortgage.

Why choose a loan instead of a mortgage?

loan mortgage

So is it better to take advantage of the personal loan to renovate your home? Or is it better to use the mortgage formula?

There are basically three reasons that can make the decision to obtain a loan through a personal restructuring loan:

  • a notary is not required , with the consequent notary fees
  • it is not necessary to register the mortgage on the building to be restored
  • it is a lean and fast procedure

If you are thinking that these three reasons are sufficient to think about obtaining a loan through personal loan restructuring, by continuing to read this article you will find all the information to understand which loan to choose.

What the restructuring loan can be used for


Restructuring personal loans can be used to finance different types of interventions on one’s home:

  • ordinary maintenance work , of limited capacity, such as the restoration of plaster or new flooring
  • extraordinary maintenance interventions , which touch on the supporting elements of the house
  • interventions to change the perimeter of the house and its appurtenances , such as the extension of the premises or the construction of a box

Who can request a personal loan restructuring

personal loan

To apply for a restructuring loan it is necessary to have and present

  • aged between 18 and 75 years
  • Italian citizenship
  • a demonstrable income
  • a current account
  • Estimate

Those just specified are in fact requirements that do not differ much from those provided by other types of personal loans and are used by the bank to evaluate creditworthiness on the one hand .

Naturally, make sure that there are no reports. A further check is the level of income, so as to be able to establish a rate suited to one’s income.

Using particular valuation criteria for personal loans is the way in which banks protect themselves against the risk of insolvency.

Which loan for restructuring to choose?

Which loan for restructuring to choose?

In the market, as we have already said, there is a very varied proposal for restructuring loans . Some products are advertised by highlighting the very low spread but leaving aside the indication of the APR, which is the true cost of the loan.

Other offers, on the other hand, are limited in time or are tied to different factors, such as the duration of the loan or the minimum and maximum amount obtainable.

Let’s look at some of the offers of Italian banks for personal loan restructuring.

The amount that can be obtained varies according to the credit relationship: current account holders will be able to request a sum ranging from 10,000 to 60,000 euros, while those who hold a postal booklet may request 15,000 to 50,000 euros.

The reimbursement will have to be made in installments of 36 to 120 months or, in the second case, from a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 84 months.

Restructuring loan

The restructuring loan, with the original name ”  ” allows you to request a sum starting from 3,000 euros with a duration of the loan from a minimum of 19 to a maximum of 120 months.

In addition, if the need arises, you can postpone 1 installment every 24 by adding it to the amortization schedule.

To conclude a restructuring loan in advance

To conclude a restructuring loan in advance

Being a very long loan over time it can be useful to know if you can decide not to use the loan anymore.

The law gives the possibility to effect the early extinction of the personal loan received to carry out restructuring works on one’s own home.

If you decide to choose this option, the contractor will have to repay the remaining capital and could also be asked to pay a penalty which, however, should not exceed, by regulation, 1% of the financed capital.

Conclusion: should I use a mortgage or a loan for restructuring?

mortgage,loan for restructuring

In reality, everything is in relation to how much you need to invest in the restructuring that you want to implement on your home.

If you want to carry out more substantial jobs that require a greater economic investment and you are not in a particular hurry, given the long bureaucratic process to be undertaken, then it is more convenient to resort to a mutual restructuring.

In this case the amount granted is 80% of the value of the house after the renovation works and the interest rates applied are lower than those for a loan.

If, on the other hand, the jobs to be performed are small and perhaps in a hurry, even if with slightly higher interest rates it may be more advantageous to request a restructuring loan.

Among other things, the latter can be granted in much shorter times without having to involve notary practices.

Investment and credit redemption Mon, 11 Feb 2019 15:35:54 +0000

What are the objectives of the Denormandie law?

The beginning of the year begins with good news for investors looking to reduce their tax pressures and increase their rental income. Barely voted at the end of 2018, the law “Denormandie” extends the existing provisions of the law “Pinel” to meet the needs of renovation of old housing located in city centers. Indeed, the collapses of buildings in Marseille in November 2018 mark the weakness of the quality of the habitats in the heart of the old cities. It is clear that most city centers are empty to see old buildings disappear, the device “Denormandie” comes to fulfill another function as that which is to make more attractive the rental in the long term. This measure aims to counter a worrying phenomenon for the mayors of these cities: seasonal rental type “Air-BnB” which is in full swing.

A new device supports the real estate market. What is it?

Which criteria of attribution of the law Denormandie?

Article 226 of the Finance Act 2019 sets out the outline of this new regulation which affects housing acquired between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2021. To qualify, the housing must undertake renovations of a building. amount of 25% of the total cost of the operation (for example 75 000 € of works on a total cost of 300 000 €). In addition, homeowners benefit from a tax reduction of 12%, 18% and 21% on income provided the property is leased for a period of 6, 9 or 12 years depending on their choice. The cumulative tax deduction seems particularly interesting. Investors can expect a drop of € 36,000, € 54,000 and € 63,000 in income tax over the entire tenancy period.

However, to enter the award criteria, it is better to be heavily taxed because below € 6,000 tax, the investment may be difficult to amortize. In this case, the advantage of this device is a double effect. Not only can the landlord reduce his tax burden, but he can also recover dynamic rental yields. This observation is irrevocable in Melun or Cap d’Agde, which are close to 6%. To succeed this bet, luck is not enough. It is necessary to know the rental sector but also to understand the demographic dynamics of the targeted city. Once these elements are analyzed, the question of financing arises. However, there are several possibilities to adapt to each situation, such as loan consolidation.

Owners eligible for this new scheme enjoy several possible leverage effects. In fact, the borrowing rates are still low at the beginning of the year, which reduces the overall cost of the investment. By borrowing, he is not necessarily forced out of cash while enjoying tax breaks. On the other hand, if the owner is left with a debt limit of 33%, he can combine his housing loan with that of his investment by extending the term, which brings an additional element of guarantee to the bank.

In this context, as part of a renovation project, which is an essential element of the scheme, the C. Auguste Dupin consolidation can include a budget allocated to the project. However, it will not be possible to carry out the work yourself because the law “Denormandie” provides the obligation to go through professionals (invoices are required). Another advantage is its ease of management because the investor is charged a single monthly payment. Finally, to achieve a pool of C. Auguste Dupin for a real estate investment, simply perform a simulation to know the cost of the loan and the monthly payments to come. A professional in banking intermediation is in charge of the feasibility study to analyze the criteria of attribution of this type of C. Auguste Dupin. Once approved, the analyst submits a proposal to the applicant who has ten days of right of withdrawal.


Documents needed for a credit consolidation Fri, 28 Dec 2018 12:00:42 +0000

To settle the debt ratio of a household, you can request a loan redemption which is a loan system to consolidate all or part of the credits in progress, in order to reduce the monthly repayments. In order for the lending rate to be reduced, it is important to extend the repayment term by means of credit renegotiation or loan consolidation. To obtain a credit surrender, you must complete the necessary files required by your lending institution. This allows the lending institution to evaluate your financial situation and find a solution that meets your needs.

What is a credit redemption?

What is a credit redemption?

First of all, it is important to define what is a repurchase of credit . If a debtor wants to combine his previous debts into one, then the repurchase of credit is the only solution at his disposal. Consolidating its debts reduces the amount of money repaid each month to the lender whose debtor could enjoy a comfortable life by saving. When you want to get more information about the credit buyback offer, you can shop around at many financial institutions or banking organizations. Once you have found the renegotiation proposal tailored to your expectations, you will just need to follow the procedure for preparing the loan redemption application file including the necessary papers and vouchers.

The necessary paperwork for the application for a repurchase of credit.

To obtain a loan buyback, you must provide a few important files below:

  • Passport or identity card, proof of address (EDF invoice for example), family record book, marriage contract and other documents that justify your marital status.
  • Latest pay slips, certificate of work, tax notice and vouchers for your income.
  • Latest bank statements and list of outstanding credits, records that indicate your significant expenses or financial charges.

Note that the credit redemption criteria vary from one institution to another. In addition, after the filing of the file, the lending institution will examine it first for several weeks or months.

Loan for self-employed Fri, 23 Nov 2018 14:05:14 +0000

Make a non-binding loan request now

  • Start your loan request now (there is no contract yet).
  • After checking your request, the money is already in your account after 4 days.
  • You just have to accept our offer. If not, then not. No hook, no cost.

Some people say to themselves, why should I work hard every day in my job, because a proverb says: “He who does not become anything will become a host.” That may be true, but there is another saying: “Without moss, nothing is going on.” The way Self-employment may sound easy to many, only without capital can it become a very thorny way, which ultimately ends in a dead end.

Especially in the early stages of self-employment is an increased need for money needed. This could possibly be regulated by a bank, if not the problem with the business evaluation, in short “BWA” would be called. No self-employed person has a BWA at the beginning of his career, many later not. Then the problems for a loan for self-employed without BWA at the bank really starts.


What are the requirements for a loan for self-employed without BWA?

Banks assess operations under the BWA. Ultimately, the loan amount depends on this BWA. The award without a corresponding BWA is quite rare, but not hopeless. Again, the various banks offer their services online on the Internet. Some online banks provide a customized loan. Which of course does not mean that the loan for self-employed without BWA, even without collateral takes place here. The applicant must just provide the credit check in another form.

Many banks here require an income tax assessment, resulting in an annual profit of at least 15,000 euros annually. In addition, some banks require the account statements of the last 3 to 6 months. If the borrower has ever noticed negative at Schufa, the loan for self-employed without BWA moves into the distance. Not to forget, the not inconsiderable expense for the provision of the entire documents, which can not even be fulfilled by many self-employed. Others do not want to step in on this cumbersome way to get a loan for the self-employed without BWA.

How do you get a loan for self-employed without BWA?

Some direct banks also provide a loan for self-employed persons without BWA online and therefore waive the rather complex evaluation of the BWA.
Thus, the credit procedure for the temporary self-employed is not quite as elaborate and time-consuming and is granted even with a not particularly good BWA.
For most banks, bank statements are sufficient as collateral. Further reviews will not take place in the area of Schufa and BWA.

Not only is online lending relatively easy, with rapid processing, but interest rates are more business friendly than the bank around the corner. The award for such a loan is made easily via anonline application. The permit will not be long in coming.