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Some people say to themselves, why should I work hard every day in my job, because a proverb says: “He who does not become anything will become a host.” That may be true, but there is another saying: “Without moss, nothing is going on.” The way Self-employment may sound easy to many, only without capital can it become a very thorny way, which ultimately ends in a dead end.

Especially in the early stages of self-employment is an increased need for money needed. This could possibly be regulated by a bank, if not the problem with the business evaluation, in short “BWA” would be called. No self-employed person has a BWA at the beginning of his career, many later not. Then the problems for a loan for self-employed without BWA at the bank really starts.


What are the requirements for a loan for self-employed without BWA?

Banks assess operations under the BWA. Ultimately, the loan amount depends on this BWA. The award without a corresponding BWA is quite rare, but not hopeless. Again, the various banks offer their services online on the Internet. Some online banks provide a customized loan. Which of course does not mean that the loan for self-employed without BWA, even without collateral takes place here. The applicant must just provide the credit check in another form.

Many banks here require an income tax assessment, resulting in an annual profit of at least 15,000 euros annually. In addition, some banks require the account statements of the last 3 to 6 months. If the borrower has ever noticed negative at Schufa, the loan for self-employed without BWA moves into the distance. Not to forget, the not inconsiderable expense for the provision of the entire documents, which can not even be fulfilled by many self-employed. Others do not want to step in on this cumbersome way to get a loan for the self-employed without BWA.

How do you get a loan for self-employed without BWA?

Some direct banks also provide a loan for self-employed persons without BWA online and therefore waive the rather complex evaluation of the BWA.
Thus, the credit procedure for the temporary self-employed is not quite as elaborate and time-consuming and is granted even with a not particularly good BWA.
For most banks, bank statements are sufficient as collateral. Further reviews will not take place in the area of Schufa and BWA.

Not only is online lending relatively easy, with rapid processing, but interest rates are more business friendly than the bank around the corner. The award for such a loan is made easily via anonline application. The permit will not be long in coming.